Wake up on the Sunny Side!!

Great food, GREATER service!!!

From the moment you walk in until the time you leave you will be surrounded by great food and great people!!!  My uncle invited my aunt and I to lunch while my mom was in the hospital (detailed post will come), and this was his suggestion.  I am still grateful for the broccoli casserole, and the mac and cheese was FABULOUS!!  Each day offers a tongue teasing dish that is sure to knock your socks off!!!  We happened to visit on “Meatloaf Monday”…

Meatloaf Monday!!!

Meatloaf (yes, with rice…YUMMY!!!), broccoli casserole (veggie), mac & cheese (veggie), and collard greens…. #delightful

The meatloaf was made the way my grandmother used to do it, the mac & cheese the way it should be, and the sweet tea was TRUE to Carolina!  Add the ketchup if you dare!!!  Yes, this was definitely a portion large enough to be “Linner” (lunch and dinner).

My friends and I are slightly round with REASON!  We enjoy food, fun, and fellowship.  We take steps to remain healthy, but anytime we have the opportunity to try something tasty and new, we’re all for it!!  So, if you enjoy great food and happen to visit Columbia, SC this is a place to put on your list!!  Check please!!!