The line to vote early 🙂

Leaving the gym a few weeks ago, I noticed an abnormal amount of traffic at the library.  There were political signs posted everywhere, balloons, etc.,.  Since I had the day off, I decided to investigate (yep, being nosey for once!!)!  If it was early voting, I’d rather get it done than to try to and get my employer to let me off on Election Day…. only God knows how long the wait would be!  My decision to pull over and vote on THAT day was quite a memorable and life changing experience.

I waited in line for nearly an hour to vote EARLY!  Yes, a little over 50 minutes to cast my vote in one of the biggest elections of my adult-life.  This political race has generated all types of energy!  I have heard disrespectful things from both parties… each candidate has their strengths and weaknesses… everyone  is blaming everyone else for the current state of the economy.

I honestly think people forget that all choices have consequences… some positive, some negative…. some long-term, while others short-term.  While politics and religion are on the list of things “not to discuss”, I’ll simply say that the disrespect directed towards the POTUS regarding the state of the union is unreal.  Its like playing spades,…the man had to play the hand he was dealt!  His hand wasn’t stacked in his favor, so he made decisions based upon our current situation and the future he desires for the country.  He’s HUMAN!  No, all decisions may not have been AMAZING… No, you may not like or agree with him, but you should still respect the office.

So many people are still undecided in this election.  If religion and gun laws are ALL that matter to you, then you know what to do…If you have always made awesome decisions and DEFIED your humanity…handle yours!  Even though we have come through the Civil Rights Movement, there are still some people who are stuck in the Jim Crow south… people at the poles have had to face racial tension in line BEFORE ever reaching the ballot box.  The link below provides the early voting dates (if applicable) for your state, absentee ballot dates, and registration deadlines.  I urge you to get out there early!  Make your vote count!!!

Election 2012: Early And Absentee Voting, By State:

The line was literally wrapped around the library!!