Elliston Place Soda Shop

“You can sit anywhere you like!”

….chimed a voice from the rear of the restaurant.  I felt as if I’d traveled back in time to the era when jukeboxes held actual RECORDS (as theirs does….and only accepts quarters ;))!!!

There is a small sign taped near the coin insert that says “Quarters only, please!”.

This “mom and pop” shop completely made my morning.  This visit to the Elliston Soda Shop, inspired by a man who will probably never read this blog, was an absolute refresher to my South Carolinian roots.  It reminded me of breakfast at Gradma’s during the summer… the only things missing were my cousins and my cup of kool-aid (with only 2 ice-cubes because it was already cold #insider).

I ordered the fried bologna… yes, FRIED BOLOGNA (the THICK cut)… eggs, over hard (as always),  with grits and toast as my side items.  I held back a squeal of excitement when my meal was delivered.  The bologna had the burnt edges I grew to love and request as a child… I felt like a little school girl!!!!

Founded in 1939, the Elliston Soda Shop can brag that they’re the oldest operating restaurant in Nashville.  Once  pharmacy and grocery store, the original tile that reads “Elliston Pharmacy” still graces the entrance way.  If you’re looking for a place off of the beaten path, yet near the heard of downtown, this is a great place to start!  They serve lunch and dinner… no reservation required.  Everything is cooked to order….  mostly fresh, never frozen… AND they have a frequent buyer card!!!

My exit was just as pleasant as my entry… “Come back and see us!!” [Me:  I most definitely will]